2021 John Hanay Memorial Award

It is time to nominate your peers for the John Hanay Memorial Award.

Deadline is February 28th.

Many of you might have known John Hanay, our fellow LEADer, friend and mentor. Some of us had the opportunity to connect with him at Me2We in 2019 before he bid farewell to us.

John Hanay

Now, it is time to nominate your peers for the second annual John Hanay Memorial Award, established in 2020 to honor the legacy of John’s character, leadership and commitment to giving back to the Stanford LEAD community.

A Stanford LEAD Catalyst, John was an active and valued member of the LEAD community revered for his wisdom, values and generosity. Co-founder of the LEAD Mentor Network, John’s commitment and focus on mentoring others throughout LEAD, the Bay Area and around the world was life-changing for those fortunate to have met him.

Annually at Me2We, the John Hanay Memorial Award is presented to a LEADer who exemplifies community engagement, giving back, and compassionate leadership.

Since this is a community-based award, we feel that the best way to source nominations would be to source nominations through our community.

So, no one better than Jennifer Wang to translate the emotion of being recognized with this award in 2020.

Jennifer Wang

“The John Hanay Award is an honor to receive. I’m thankful for the inspiring LEADers I have had the opportunity to interact with and continue to learn from. It’s a privilege being a part of LEAD where people are gracious, compassionate, and courageous, extending themselves to support and impact the people and communities around them.We know that there are many amazing stories of LEADers who exemplify the spirit of John Hanay’s leadership and commitment to giving back to the LEAD community. Please take a moment to recognize one of those LEADers by nominating them for the 2021 John Hanay Award.”


You are welcome to nominate multiple people by submitting the form more than once.

Nominations will be accepted through February 28, 2021 before a winner is selected.

The selection committee will include members of the Me2We committee 2021 and LEAD staff.

The award will be presented at the Me2We celebration event on March 10th.