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Stories of Social entrepreneurship – inventing the new world
Mar 11 @ 2:05 am – 3:00 am
Stories of Social entrepreneurship - inventing the new world

2021: Do you want to build the world but didn’t know how to? 

Do you want to explore innovative ways of making a social impact?

This session will help you explore new social business models. We will share stories of entrepreneurs that reframed their business during and after the Lockdown Economy. 

We will discuss the key challenges faced due to quarantine and social distancing; how the business owners overcame challenges; and the lessons she or he took from this experience. And Finally, the way forward. the way forward.

This interactive session will bring inspiration and strength to our LEAD community by discussing innovative social initiatives to create a sustainable impact and change the world.

Massimo Mercuri, Juana Catalina Rodriguez, and Surabhi Gawde

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