Best Snacks – Introduction

Best Snacks
March 8, 2021 @ 9:05 am – 9:25 am America/Los Angeles Timezone
Best Snacks - Introduction

A warmful thank you to Lucie Cabourdin and Eklavya Upadhyay who have accepted a quite difficult innovative challenge! Each of them developed their topic in a disruptive format. 

They will first introduce their topic in the following recorded videos. Then, you will meet them back in 8 different “Best Snacks” chapters during which they will develop their topic in 5’ recorded videos. Don’t worry, as soon as the videos are released you could watch them whenever you want on demand. To finish, they will both open our Wednesday with a Zoom live Q&A session.

Lucie introduces you her licensed creativity methodology D.I.S.R.U.P.T.T.®.

Eklavya invites you to play Golf and to dive into this “Frustrating Sport”.


Connecting people through creativity: D.I.S.R.U.P.T.T.®” – Introduction

Link to the video to be added soon

Golf and Tough Times : Strategies from a Frustrating Sport”“It’s a Marathon, not a Sprint”

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