Getting to Depth – Tierney Powers

March 9, 2022 @ 2:45 pm – 3:45 pm America/Los Angeles Timezone

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Research from Bain & Company, quantifies that inspired employees deliver 224% sweat equity. This is compared to employees who are dissatisfied and/or burnt out (give <70%), satisfied (give ~100%), and engaged employees who put in 144% of themselves. In the mountains of research and literature, on how vulnerability serves leaders, PWC Partner, Army Veteran, & West Point graduate Augusto Giacoman’s article  summarizes it simply. “Vulnerable leaders inspire, are more authentic, and build bonds that lead to increased performance.”  [Giacoman 2018]

In “Getting to Depth”, LEAD teammates will try out exercises, curated from experts around the globe, which help with building a culture of vulnerability and becoming a more inspirational leader. You’ll bring home “connection” power tools that you can begin using with your teams and families right away… Tierney merges:

  • GSB LEAD concepts
  •  tools used by the world’s leading CEO coaches, YPO facilitators, & relationship experts
  • 10 years of experience in tech as a corporate leader, working with clients like Google, Logitech, Amazon, Sonos, & the US Army
  • teachings in Somatic Intelligence, Conscious Leadership, Religion, Breathwork & Meditation

… to bring you this connecting experience.

Learn how CEOs go deeper, and create an environment within their teams for innovation, creativity, and thriving. Bring your brilliant selves – whether that be your curiosity, your drive, your open heart, or your desire to get uncomfortable… or all of the above. Looking forward to seeing you very soon!

About the Speaker:

A major challenge leaders face is inspiring stretch behavior, without over-relying on the traditional power tools of “fear and money”.

In 2017, Tierney began hunting for creative ways to inspire and lead three remote organizations – Sales, Business Development, and Customer Experience – at a SaaS and Data tech company. She was moving from a cushy global IC position to a role where she’d be responsible for “unrealistic budgets” and eventually 50 people. Like other LEADers have had to navigate, many of her immediate team members were nearing retirement, and/or had 3X+ her experience. Tierney knew this role would be challenging, and painful at times, but she was determined to be successful and to enjoy the process.

Along the journey, Tierney merged traditional education and experience, with teachings in somatic intelligence, conscious leadership, religion, and meditation… and earned a Certification in Coaching Business Leaders, before beginning the LEAD Executive Studies program in 2021.