History of Me2We – Hosni Zaouali

March 7, 2022 @ 8:45 am – 9:00 am America/Los Angeles Timezone

About the Speaker:

Hosni’s childhood was charged with violence and confusion. Losing his parents at a young age, his time was split between a small village in North Africa and a low-income area in France, he struggled at school. His inability to express himself in either French or Arabic along with a violent neighbourhood and home life, led him to become a violent child.
With difficulty, he caught up in school, learned how to correctly speak French, Arabic, Spanish and English. He understood that violence was the desperate scream of the unheard.

He earned engineering and business degrees in France, and an MBA in International Development in Canada. Armed with his education, he was in a better position to discover and contribute to the world at large.

He has since joined LEAD, founded Me2We and the Silicon Valley VC-BOOTCAMP. He went on to built an amazing Ed-Tech company – Tech-AdaptiKa, that means to become the n.1 metaverse for professional development.
Hosni speaks all over the world about the impact of the metaverse on companies and society at large. In a recent intervention at the World Innovation Summit for Education, he explained that the metaverse could represent a tremendous opportunity for education worldwide, but also an alarming risk for the next generation. It is up to all of us to pave the way and make the lives of millions of people a little more bearable.