Inspirational LEADERS – Rosemary Scrimgeour

Rosemary Scrimgeour
March 9, 2021 @ 8:25 am – 8:50 am America/Los Angeles Timezone
Me2We Committee
Inspirational LEADERS - Rosemary Scrimgeour

Rosemary Scrimgeour

Why do I need a dyslexic person on my team?

Rosemary co-founded multi award winning Scottish rural architecture practice, Building Workshop, together with her husband. Ben is dyslexic, Rosemary is neurotypical. Rosemary is on a mission to raise awareness about dyslexia and the potential to be gained by leveraging dyslexic strengths. She believes it’s time for a paradigm shift away from the current deficit perception of dyslexia. Countless groundbreaking innovations have been “made by dyslexia”.

After knocking on the door of the Schwab Centre at Stanford during Me2We 2019, Rosemary is now facilitating a partnership between Silicon Valley based non profit start up Potentia Institute, and Scottish Enterprise to transform the experience of dyslexic entrepreneurs in Scotland. 

Rosemary is a course facilitator for Stanford LEAD – Customer Experience Design, A Neuroscience Perspective.


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