Inspirational LEADERS – Saul Jeager

Saul Jaeger
March 9, 2021 @ 4:25 pm – 4:50 pm America/Los Angeles Timezone
Me2We Committee
Inspirational LEADERS - Saul Jeager

Saul Jaeger

Reaching Out – Reaching In

Saul joined the Mountain View Police Department in 2003, following service in the United States Army and working in private sector management. As a police officer, Saul was assigned to Patrol, Traffic, and as a detective with the FBI Safe Streets Task Force. He also worked collateral positions on the Crisis Negotiations Team (CNT), Peer Counseling, Recruiting, and Youth Services. Following his promotion to Sergeant in 2012, Saul supervised Patrol Teams, the Traffic Unit, was the Public Information Officer and Spokesman for the department and served as a team leader on CNT and Peer Counseling Unit. He was promoted to Police Lieutenant in 2016, providing leadership in Field Operations and serving as a commander for Traffic, the K9 Program, Neighborhood and Event Services, SWAT and CNT, Peer Counseling, and he helped extensively with the initial launch of the department’s Unmanned Aerial Systems program. Saul was promoted to Captain in 2019 commanding the Field Operations Division (all uniformed divisions).

Saul has also been a leader in developing some of the Department’s community engagement strategies, to include the Silicon Valley Beat Podcast. He has supervised every division of the department, including the Emergency Communications Center and is currently the Commander of the Support Operations Division (Investigations and Administration).

Reaching Out – Reaching In

Law Enforcement is experiencing a time like no other. COVID, economic instability, police mistrust, protests and civil unrest, insurrections, violence, vaccine clinics; the list seems to just keep growing.  Never before has there been such a perfect storm of challenges, that each, on their own would be a trial, but combined…there are no words. And there is still “police work” to be done. California specifically is experiencing high and rising rates of property crime, identity theft and violent crimes. Regardless of the reasons or politics around this, crime is still happening. So what do we do now?

This presentation is delivered in two sections, Reaching Out and Reaching In.

The Reaching Out portion highlights the efforts of the Mountain View Police Department (MVPD) and our community during these times – how we are innovating, partnering with and listening to our community with the goal of understanding, clear communication and dialogue. Through a program dubbed MVPDx, community members work with police staff to challenge perspectives, learn, express frustrations and concerns, talk about and develop action items around difficult topics such as use of force, bias, police misconduct, surveillance and racism. The goal of the program is to provide a safe space for dialogue and conversation, it is NOT a program trying to change minds or for the police to talk “at” the community.

The Reaching In portion of the presentation provides information about the innovative programs MVPD is doing to ensure our employees are taken care, heard, valued and always growing, despite the current environment. Robust wellness programs and a strong leadership philosophy based on Servant Leadership and Leader as Coach methodologies will also be highlighted.

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