Resilient Start-Up’s – 2021 and beyond

Résilient Start up
March 9, 2021 @ 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm America/Los Angeles Timezone
Me2We Committee
Resilient Start-Up’s - 2021 and beyond

We are pleased to present this session themed “Resilient Startups” to the Me2We community. This session is split into two separate parts under one combined theme. VC Bootcamp and LISA / Storytelling Club will provide fascinating insights into the Startup landscape from their own perspectives.

Session Format

90 min session (30 min VC Bootcamp | 60 min LISA & Storytelling Club)

About Hosni Zaouali and VC Bootcamp

Hosni Zaouali is the President of the Ontario Cooperation Council. Hoss co-founded Me2We in 2015 and the Silicon Valley VC-BootCamp in 2018.

The VC Boot Camp’s mission is to build bridges between ecosystems around the world. Hoss wanted to help LEADers and executives turn good ideas into great businesses. Hoss also created Tech-AdaptiKa, providing avatar-based virtual campuses to corporations and universities around the world. He will be talking about how the impact of COVID will resonate on the VC world for the next 3 years.

Short Summary of VC Bootcamp Session

During his session, Hoss will be discussing the following themes with two special investor guest speakers: How the VC landscape has completely evolved from 2019 to 2020 to 2021 – How are start-ups are being considered by VC’s – Discussing resilient start-ups and what does it mean.

#VCBootCamp Speakers:

Gary Fowler: “The AI Guy who creates Unicorns”, TedX Speaker, ForbesBooks Speaker

Sergio Letelier: Vice President – Corporate, Securities and M&A at Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

About LISA

The LEAD Incubator and Startup Accelerator (LISA) is an ecosystem for Innovators and Startup founders. Its platform is designed to incubate Ideas to Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and then to scale these ventures globally. ​ 

Since it was founded in the spring of 2020, LISA has incubated more than 50 ideas from the global Stanford LEAD community, and created an extensive ecosystem of founders, mentors, and 50+ guest speakers in its PodiumX Series. This curated engagement platform has been designed for LISA participants, focused on Founders’ Stories, Venture Capital, Industry, Thought Leadership, Products, and Emerging Tech. LISA has also facilitated collaborations from within the LEAD ecosystem to support its cohorts, including partnerships with the SVDT and Storytelling Clubs.

LISA’s incubation services include Design Sessions, a Stanford GSB-supported curriculum, Storytelling and Pitching sessions, Mentoring sessions, fortnightly practice Pitch Showcases, Business and Financial Model Design, and an extensive community engagement platform with mentors and facilitators.

Short Summary of LISA Session


Investing in Resilience – LISA globally empowering ideas to incubation and identifying opportunities for acceleration. LISA’s value to the LEAD community – Open to all current and past LEAD participants, either to craft their own MVP’s or to serve as a mentor, partner, or contributor. Hosted by Edward Mundt (LISA Founding Partner). 15 minutes

Resilient Startups from LISA Cohort (Fireside Chat with Cohort Participant) – Hosted by Deepti Pahwa (Founding Partner LISA)

Learn how to include storytelling to reach the right audience (Communicating with Impact) – Live sessions on pitching with Feedback. Moderated by Deepti Pahwa and Edward Mundt, Feedback by Story Club. 30 Mins.

Story Club Objective with LISA Panel

The Story Club is a Stanford LEAD community driven platform that empowers prospective entrepreneurs with the ability to transform their investment pitches into authentic and compelling stories.

‘Facts Tell, but Stories Sell’. 

@Story club we help build entrepreneurs into compelling leaders, confident to narrate their true stories to the world.

‘Story club, bringing dreams to reality!’

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