Leading Sustainability and Decarbonization – Chandan Bhagat & Carlos Beltran

March 11, 2022 @ 10:00 am – 11:00 am America/Los Angeles Timezone

Become a Sustainability change agent!!

Most of us know sustainability is important, but wonder how and what you can do.

We want to share a personal story of Maciej Więckowski, how he became a change event, and helped organize the TEDx Countdown event at Google in 2022.

After sharing our Google story, Carlos will share insights about Green Hydrogen, that is having a decarbonization impact TODAY.

Green Hydrogen has a large impact, high ROI, and is available now – to eliminate the carbon footprint of our supply chains, sustainably. Green Hydrogen is a viable and affordable source of energy, free of carbon emissions from its creation and only produces water as a by-product.

Join our panel to learn more about sustainability and decarbonization efforts that are happening now – because the world can’t wait decades for actions to take place.

Disclaimer: Chandan and Maciej, as current Googler’s, are not representing Google or speaking about Google’s sustainability goals, but more sharing their personal experience and story of how they have got involved in the space. And how can you do the same for your company?

About the Speakers: 

Carlos Beltran, Director of Product Management at Plug Power. MBA, Fulbright Scholar, Mechanical Engineer, who has a passion for clear, electrical mobility since he built his first EV in college – and won a national competition.

Chandan Bhagat is Staff Engineering Manager at Google, part of the Site Reliability Engineering team. Over 20 years experience in improving production network reliability and availability, with the last 11 years at Google. Masters in Telecommunications for CU Boulder, Colorado, and B.Engg in Electrical from University of Mumbai. His sustainability journey started when I got involved with the TEDx Google 2022 event, and learned that my longtime friend and colleague Maciej Wieckowski, was one of the co-organizers, which was  a huge success.

Maciej Więckowski is a Site Reliability Manager with extensive experience of leading teams through difficult periods of change, sustainability enthusiast. Prior engineering experience in large IP / OpenFlow networks with a focus on network control / telemetry / admission systems. Currently working in the field of Data / Streaming Analytics. Languages: Polish, English, German