Please note: We are currently working with GSB on answering all questions related to the cancelation of Me2We 2020 in March and publish them as soon as possible. We appreciate your patience and understanding in the meantime.

We have received a number of questions, so we would like to answer some of them here. As more questions come up, we’ll add them to this FAQ.

You can also reach out to the Committee directly at Me2We2020@gmail.com.

Will there be a formal registration process?

Yes. We are finalizing the details of the formal registration process. You will need to register via this process using the event tool selected to secure your place at the event. Please be on the lookout as we will post a link via the Me2We 2020 Workplace Group in early January! We will also post a note in advance with the specific date and time that registration will officially open. 

Will there be a registration fee?

Yes. There will be a registration fee to cover administrative costs, etc. outside of what is covered by the GSB. We expect the fee to be no less than $100 USD, and no more than $200 USD per person. 

When will the agenda be made available?

We will provide an agenda outline in mid-January and the full, detailed agenda in February which will allow you to select sessions. Please continue to visit the Presenters page often for updates to the list.

We have confirmed some great Stanford faculty, industry leaders, and fellow LEADer sessions along with a wonderful Celebration Reception hosted by the GSB. More details to follow.

Can I still submit suggestions for presenters? 

Yes. We have received over 55 submissions so far for presenters. If you have a good suggestion that aligns with the theme (LEAD with Purpose: Innovate, Influence, Impact), please complete the Me2We 2020 Presentation Proposal Form.  

The Committee is contacting each person who submitted an idea to get more information to assist in planning the agenda.

Will you need volunteers to assist with the event? 

Yes, absolutely! We anticipate Me2We 2020 to be the biggest to date, and therefore we will need volunteers to assist with coordination during the event. If you would like to volunteer, please complete the Me2We 2020 Volunteer Request Form, and a member of the Committee will follow up with you directly.

Will there be exposure to companies in the Bay Area/Silicon Valley (aka Company Visits)? 

We know this is a valued component of the Me2We experience in the past, so we are working through how this may work for a large group, such as ours. While we have confirmed a few, and are working to firm up the details for others, we continue to seek support, ideas, and input from LEADers who work in the Silicon Valley/Bay Area, or have strong connections to local companies. Please contact the Committee at Me2We2020@gmail.com.

Will there be organized activities on Day 0 (Sunday) and Day 4 (Thursday)? 

Planning has started for social/informal activities for the days surrounding the main Me2We event. In the past, participants have organized activities such as a trip to the Napa Valley, golf, hikes, ski trips, walking tours, lunch/dinner meetups, etc. If you would like to organize an activity, please contact the Committee at Me2We2020@gmail.com.

Can family members attend Me2We?

While the main Me2We sessions will be restricted to LEAD participants and alums, we are pleased to confirm that we can continue to extend an invitation to the Celebration Reception to one family member. Family members are also welcome to be involved in any Day 0/Day 4 social activities.

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